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Compatibility – The True Secret To Business Success

Compatibility – The True Secret to Business Success

Are you looking for the perfect electronic present to get that special someone who is a computer geek in your household?  Well, look no further than the Microsoft Store, where they are offering $300 off when you use a Groupon promo code to purchase the Dell XPS.  Sounds incredible, but it’s true.  Right now, the Microsoft Store is offering a fantastic amount of deals and savings available when they’re purchased using a Groupon coupon or promo code.

For example, you can get a great deal on the Microsoft Office 365 with an annual subscription when purchased with a Groupon coupon.  And 50% off on Microsoft Xbox game deals.  Of course, the Microsoft Store serves as you one-shop store where you can find any software you need available at great discounts.  And you can also find the latest hardware and equipment, all fully compatible with Microsoft’s latest programs and systems.  Their products can also be relied upon for compatibility with most major corporations and businesses who use Microsoft as their principal computer platform for their daily business operations.  You can use your Groupon coupons to purchase new apps and supporting software that can help you refine and further enhance your system’s ability to manage and administer your business.  And you can ensure that your system can work with those others which you will depend upon most for information and assistance.

This is one of the key advantages of using Microsoft products; the assurance that yours will be compatible with other businesses and systems.  Compatibility is one of the key concerns when operating a major business or government organization.  Recently a major state university with several separate medical schools was prevented from consolidating and upgrading its health records because the different schools used computer systems that were completely incompatible; making it impossible for them to exchange medical records efficiently.  An initial effort to rectify this problem resulted in an estimate of over $1 billion just to make the information in each school compatible with those of the others.  Those who manage and oversee the selection and establishment of such systems are responsible for the situations faced years later by future generations.  This is a large-scale example, but imagine how many small businesses and private homes suffer because they lack that system compatibility.